Article: The Great Mosque of Al-Falah

Built on former location of the palace of Jambi Sultanate, the great mosque of Al-Falah was completed in 1980 and started to use on September 26, 1980 since President Soeharto inaugurated it. The mosque itself stands on a 2.7 hectares land and its broadness is 6200 meters square. Beside its formal name "The Great Mosque Al-Falah" it has a nickname "Masjid Seribu Tiang" (Mosque with Thousand Pillars). This nickname refers to many pillars we can see in the mosque.

The Arabic name, Al-Falah, means Victory, this name was picked to express why the mosque was built without any walls, partitions, or windows except for "mihrab". Mihrab is a side of a mosque where people will put a direction of their face forward when they praying. Mihrab is also center attention when a "Khatib" speaks, khatib is one who preach sermons in occasional time, like Prayer on Friday. So those who wants to get in to mosque could come from any entrances they want. The building's philosophy means "victory is freedom for everyone, freedom to enter the mosque without any barriers". The name also means about the victory over the Dutch colonial which the location of mosque once was the center of colonial administration in Jambi since the Dutch had ruined the palace of Jambi Sultanate.

"Thousand Pillars" comes from this view

Inner pillars coated by brass

Pillars and dome

Attractive dome, engrave with verses of al-Qur'an

The mosque can accommodate ten thousands people

Its mihrab

Bedug, to sign people about time to pray


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