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Video: Jambi on a Very Short Video

Glad to have this video. A friend of mine finally let me copy a video that once used to promote Jambi in a national event. The video is a compilation of a few tourism events and I think it would be able to represent what Jambi is like. The video also contains some of recommended tourism spots in Jambi, like Muara Jambi Temple, Berbak National Park, Lake Kaca, and Kerinci Seblat National Park.

Thanks to Asson Any aka Oka and Iman Kurnia for allowing me to have the video and use it on my blog.
Here it is and enjoy...

Article: Jambi Weaving Craft Exhibition 2014

Hosted by Siginjei Museum in Jambi City, the Government of Jambi Province held an exhibition with "Jambi Weaving Crafts" as its theme. The exhibition took place 5 days only started on September 8, 2014. And of course, weaving crafts means songket in Jambi cultures and the show talked about Jambi songket and Jambi batik.

The exhibition showed us various products of weaving crafts originally from Jambi (songket and batik) and how Jambinese use them as everyday clothes or for occasional events like traditional or religious ceremonies. At the exhibition we could see kind of patterns and favorite colors that characterizes traditional clothes in Jambi, including traditional headband used by sub-ethnics in Jambi.
Unfortunately, the exhibition was intended to educate elementary students in Jambi City, so I had to cram with kids during taking pictures.

Here are some pics of songket origins from Jambi.

Precious handmade clothes

Colorful with gold thread

High quality and modern pattern of songket

High difficult woven, reminds me to Persian carpets

Songket can be applied as clothes or headband. Generally, Jambinese call traditional headband for women as Tengkuluk and Lacak or Lajak for men. There are many styles and ways how tengkuluk formed, all depends on sub-ethnic traditions. Following pictures shows you a few of tengkuluk and their styles.

Traditional clothes

Different pattern from different sub-ethnic

For everyday clothes or occasional ones

Tengkuluk, traditional headband for women

Styles depend on sub-ethnic cultures and traditions of Jambinese

Hundreds years tradition but fashionable

Songket and also batik as traditional everyday clothes, below is Kerincinese traditional clothes, with tengkuluk and lacak.

Illustration, Kerincinese couple in their traditional clothes

And following picture is a simple tool as traditional loom, it is not a machinery loom.

A traditional loom

Well, the exhibition was too crowded by kids. :))

So crowded

Kids everywhere