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Article: Landslide Spots Between Merangin Regency And Kerinci Regency

In rainy season, a trip from City of Jambi to Kerinci Regency will be more dangerous than in another season. This happens since the trip takes the only one route of road when you reach Bangko (capital of Merangin Regency) checkpoint to Kerinci Regency (and also Sungai Penuh City). Beside it will consume 3-5 additional hours than normal time to reach City of Sungai Penuh, you will also experience many landslide spots. Some landslides in the past claimed life of people there.

To explore how dangerous the road is we had a trip to Sungai Penuh City from Bangko, started at 16.00 along with drizzling. After took almost 2 hours, we reached the borderline between Merangin Regency and Kerinci Regency, we could not make a different which potholes and part of damaged road, they were same to us. Speed could only be reached for 40-50 km per hour, in a forrest and lonely, it was fast enough to enjoy the trip. Finally we found what people saying about landslides, unfortunately, we could not make many shots since people already warned us about sudden and subsequent landslides. Most landslides we found located in Muaro Imat sub-district of Kerinci Regency.