Article: Roadside Stall of Durian

Have tasted durian..? Some call them "King of fruits" and it is also called "Duren". In Sumatera, "Durian Medan" is the most famous kind of durian for its taste and size. In Jambi City, durian comes from local farm and from neighboring provinces. You can't have durian available at all times, you may find it only when people who have durian orchard crop the fruits and sell them directly to consumer. It is rare in Jambi to find durian orchard owner selling durian to next trader, normally they sell durian in the streets, it will be different treat for durian that come from outside Jambi, there will be a broker who arranges durian come to Jambi.

In Jambi City, Sipin and The Hok are 2 main places where you can find durian street vendors easily. In Sipin, you may find them along of sidewalk of "Tugu Juang" monument, walking down to an intersection called "Simpang Mayang" you can still find them and ended when you reach a technical high school called "SMK 3 Jambi", a 700 meters of durian street vendors. In The Hok, you may find them from across of provincial police headquarters, called "Mabes Polda", to Graha Pena, a building owned by Jambi Independent, a local newspaper. The street vendors normally start to peddle their durian between 16.00 to 23.00.

How about its price..? Well, it varies from 3.000 to 15.000 rupah, when "durian festival" has just started maybe the prices are at its highest position and would be lower and lower to its cheapest. At this time, you can bring home 3 mid size durians for only 10.000 rupiah if you buy them in Sipin.

No pedestrian there, only durian hunters

A street vendor of durian

A transaction

Durian tower

Choosing the best one


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