Article: Angso Duo, a Traditional Market That Stands Among Modern Hypermarkets

Angso Duo Market is located in riverside of Batanghari, mapped to sub-district of Pasar Jambi of Jambi City. This main traditional marketplace in Jambi is also called old market or "Pasar Becek" while a new one reffered to Talang Banjar Marketplace. The mart itself is actually divided into 2 areas, the first one, close to riverside and Al-Fallah Mosque, is filled by street vendors of agricultures and fisheries, like vegetables, marine and freshwater fish, fruits, and food ingredients. The area bordered with more modern marketplace, including a mall named WTC Batanghari and a hypermarket at the mall. Accross the street of street vendors area there is an area for other products like home appliances, electronics, machineries, clothes and shoes.

Angso Duo is an old market that was established since early 19 century as a small marketplace called "Tanah Pilih" market. Japanese occupation made the market into ruins before it was rebuild back as a traditional market. It moved several times in a radius 2 kms along the riverside before placed to its location what we have seen now.

"Pasar Becek" activities are normally started on 23.00 (11.00 pm) and become gradually have less people on 17.00 (05.00 pm). On contrary, the modern part of Angso Duo is normally  started on 08.00 to 18.00 (06.00 pm) but a few merchants close their stores and shops on 21.00 (09.00 pm) when the modern mall shuts down their lights.

The reason why "Pasar Becek" is still exist in this modern day perhaps because of its function as hub marketplace to other traditional marketplaces around Jambi City. And maybe its cheaper pricelists by street vendors are choosen by household to have their needs. Angso Duo market itself have their supply from local suppliers from Jambi and from neighboring provinces like Sumatera Barat and Bengkulu.

Located in a riverside of Batanghari River

Crowded, muddy, and dirty

Vegetables, fruits, fisheries, and what you need for your wok

Started on 23.00 pm

A truck contained commodities

Unloading supplies before ended up in a kitchen

As a hub to other traditional marketplace

Not so crowded yet


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