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Article: Roadside Stall of Durian

Have tasted durian..? Some call them "King of fruits" and it is also called "Duren". In Sumatera, "Durian Medan" is the most famous kind of durian for its taste and size. In Jambi City, durian comes from local farm and from neighboring provinces. You can't have durian available at all times, you may find it only when people who have durian orchard crop the fruits and sell them directly to consumer. It is rare in Jambi to find durian orchard owner selling durian to next trader, normally they sell durian in the streets, it will be different treat for durian that come from outside Jambi, there will be a broker who arranges durian come to Jambi.

Article: Angso Duo, a Traditional Market That Stands Among Modern Hypermarkets

Angso Duo Market is located in riverside of Batanghari, mapped to sub-district of Pasar Jambi of Jambi City. This main traditional marketplace in Jambi is also called old market or "Pasar Becek" while a new one reffered to Talang Banjar Marketplace. The mart itself is actually divided into 2 areas, the first one, close to riverside and Al-Fallah Mosque, is filled by street vendors of agricultures and fisheries, like vegetables, marine and freshwater fish, fruits, and food ingredients. The area bordered with more modern marketplace, including a mall named WTC Batanghari and a hypermarket at the mall. Accross the street of street vendors area there is an area for other products like home appliances, electronics, machineries, clothes and shoes.

Stop and Shelter: Abadi Hotel and Convention Center, a Comfortable Place for Your Business Travel in Jambi City

Abadi Hotel and Convention Center is a 4 stars hotel, located in the heart of business area of Jambi City, Jl. Gatot Soebroto, No. 92-98, Jelutung sub-district, Jambi City, they have about 200 rooms vary from regular to president suite room, started from 550k rupiah to almost 4 millions rupiah a night, its price list, of course not recommended for backpackers, only suitable for business travelers who have no worries with lack of money.