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Culinary: Ketoprak "Kedai Almas"

So you have been in Jakarta and now you are in Jambi City and missing kind of food what in Jakarta is called Ketoprak. It's so hard to find ketoprak in Jambi but you may find same ketoprak as if it is served by culinary street vendors in Jakarta, just visit "Kedai Almas" in Telanaipura, precisely in front of IAIN campus buildings. For those who have tasted what Ketoprak Betawi is would like their ketoprak seasoning blends that close to ketoprak you can find in Jakarta.

Open from 16.00 to 23.00 daily, "Kedai Almas" brings the original taste of ketoprak and it is very suitable for those who missed Jakarta typical culinary. Ibu Sri, the owner of "Kedai Almas" built her ketoprak cart similar to the one you can find in Jakarta, so you may taste and feel the real "Ketoprak Jakarta" atmosphere in Jambi City.

"Kedai Almas" cart

Ibu Sri, owner of "Kedai Almas" is preparing and mixing ketoprak