News: 2011 Edition of Smog Seems to be Ended on This Month

In last 15 years, smog in Sumatera have expanded to wider areas and have reached neighbor countries, Singapore and Malaysia. The smog itself is not a natural disaster since the local governments reported that many of fire spots were commonly triggered as the impact of land clearing by local people when they are opening lands for farming or companies that have forestry concession are opening new plantations by burning their area concession which this way is the cheapest and easiest way to open the new areas. Bigger wildfires are usually occurred when land clearing touch areas that contains peat area and when it is happened in the dry season like past two months which many smog cases reported, it is just like a candle light being thrown into big gasoline tank.

Forest fires and fire spots mainly make air pollution which prompting people into low productivity. They also cause declining of air quality beside disrupting flight schedules that finally they influence to economic activities. More and more bad news about yearly smog put Indonesia stamped as the worst smog exporter country in the world. Neighbor countries like Singapore and Malaysia make their "yearly complaining" about this situation but regardless the government of Indonesia's responsibilities to this matter actually many plantation corporates, especially palm oil industry, played the biggest part of fire spots creation. Jambi, Riau, and Sumatera Selatan provinces have worse fire spots than other provinces in Sumatera, these three provinces are favorite places for palm oil investors to open their new plantations because of their land contours and climate.

And, eventually, started on third week of this September, the rain falls down in many places in Jambi, eliminating smog and fire spots, you may say current 2011 edition of smog in Sumatera is gonna be finished by the end of this month.

Thick smog cause low productivity

Low quality of air

Disrupting flight schedules


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