Merangin: Lake Pauh, a Quiet Inland Lake

Lake Pauh is actually a volcano lake, means the lake was formed from volcano activities. Situated in Jangkat Regency, an administrative area to Merangin Regency, western Jambi. The location is approximately 95 km westward Bangko, the capital of Merangin Regency and can be reached by vehicles. The road infrastructure to the lake is in very bad condition, considering prevailing weather is great for people who want to go there to avoid being trapped in muddy roads.

The 30 acre hectares lake have tropical rain forest with various flora and fauna, it is stamped as part of Kerinci Seblat National Park. The lake elevation is about 1,200 meters above the sea and have about 20-25 meters depth. With very rare waves, this lake is like a very big deep blue pond. The view and feel lure you to relish the atmosphere while you are there. Another beautiful view is when you see plantations of yam, potato, coffee, red pepper, and cinnamon combined with local people houses in the foot of Mount Masurai.

A quiet lake

Formed by volcano activities

Mount Masurai as background
Part of Kerinci Seblat National Park


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