Culinary: Jambi Confectionary

You just have spent your vacation to Jambi and being confused with what gift you should buy for people you love at home. Considering to buy confectionary that Jambi (and Sumatera Selatan) typical is great idea for them. Jambi (and Sumatera Selatan) have many typical confectionary and culinary, from pempek, burgo, gandus, or snacks like onion chips, pineapple lunkhead and durian lunkhead that called lempo. If you take a few days trip going home, you better take dried and durable confectionary. But if your home trip is only less than a day or two, you can buy confectionary that spoiled fast like gandus and burgo. Jambi typical confectionary prices are relatively cheap and are easy to find, from street vendors and traditional markets to a modern hypermarket like Jamtos and Hypermart in Jambi City.

To help you imagining what Jambi confectionary are like, below is a few name of them with their pictures and short description.
  • Gandus, a kind of confectionery that is great to become appetizer. It tastes slightly salty and spicy, and soft like gelatin, made from rice flour and coconut milk, and cooked by steaming.
  • Tempoyak, actually is a mixture spice made from fermented durian. You may cook any kind of fishes with tempoyak. Cook creation made with tempoyak typically is curry dishes.
    • Burgo, made from rice flour, sago flour, and spicy fish gravy.
      • Onion chips, tasty and crunchy snack, made from sago flour, wheat flour, garlic, shallots, and celery.
      Onion chips


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