Article: Get Acquainted with Sumatran Tiger

A special subspecies of tiger, Sumatran Tiger is the smallest "big cat" that called as tiger and exclusively live only in Island of Sumatera. They have darker brown skin compared to their families, other kinds of tiger like Malayan Tiger or Bengali Tiger. Since experts told us that stripes on a tiger's skin are like our finger prints then we know that Sumatran Tiger own their typical characteristics. Estimated only last 250-300 of Sumatran Tiger exist on 2008 and distributed in Aceh, Riau, Sumatera Barat, Jambi, and Sumatera Selatan. Sumatran Tiger is critically endangered on the World Conservation Union Red List of threatened species. This species needs our help to make our grandchild will be able to see this amazing "big cat" in the future rather than to imagining what Sumatran Tiger is like.

To save Sumatran Tiger from extinction, some people out there, in the deep of Sumatera rainforests and swamp forests, have been trying to build preservation of Sumatran Tiger. Some says that Sumatran Tiger's habitats have been being destructed by economy activities such land clearing for new plantations and settlements. In some cases, we could find there were many deaths and injuries caused by Sumatran Tiger attacks in area where people should not have entered in a territory of Sumatran Tiger. On contrary, a few cases found that Sumatran Tiger come to a settlement like a village to find food, it could be happened because foraging areas of Sumatran Tiger have been being shifted by human activities. In the other side, in fewer cases showed that Sumatran Tiger found dead by people. There are researches and efforts have been running to prevent Sumatran Tiger to become extinct, including some foreign institutes, non-government organizations, and independent researchers.

In Jambi, Sumatran Tiger form their habitats in two split wide areas, the first one is in the rainforests of Jambi, part of Kerinci Seblat National Park. And another area is in Berbak National Park, eastern Jambi. Those two areas are definitely different to each other where Kerinci Seblat offers to the Sumatran Tigers wilderness tropical rainforests in the mountains and hills while Berbak National Park have swamps and peat forests.

For those who wants to see these beautiful predators in their habitats in Jambi, Kerinci Seblat National Park is the most perfect area with bigger chances to encounter them than to explore Berbak National Park. Actually, you may happen to encounter them when you visit some tourism spots in Kerinci Regency like Lake Gunung Tujuh or Lake Kaca which you have to walk through jungles and bushes belongs to Sumatran Tiger territory. You can also ask local Natural Resources and Conversational Agency (BKSDA, Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam) in Jambi City for further information how and precise time to see those "big cats".

Beautiful predators

Critically endangered

Captured by a camera trap

The smallest "big cat" in the world


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