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Tanjung Jabung Timur

Zapin Dance

A Famous Malayan Traditional Dance


News: 2011 Edition of Smog Seems to be Ended on This Month

In last 15 years, smog in Sumatera have expanded to wider areas and have reached neighbor countries, Singapore and Malaysia. The smog itself is not a natural disaster since the local governments reported that many of fire spots were commonly triggered as the impact of land clearing by local people when they are opening lands for farming or companies that have forestry concession are opening new plantations by burning their area concession which this way is the cheapest and easiest way to open the new areas. Bigger wildfires are usually occurred when land clearing touch areas that contains peat area and when it is happened in the dry season like past two months which many smog cases reported, it is just like a candle light being thrown into big gasoline tank.

Article: Get Acquainted with Sumatran Tiger

A special subspecies of tiger, Sumatran Tiger is the smallest "big cat" that called as tiger and exclusively live only in Island of Sumatera. They have darker brown skin compared to their families, other kinds of tiger like Malayan Tiger or Bengali Tiger. Since experts told us that stripes on a tiger's skin are like our finger prints then we know that Sumatran Tiger own their typical characteristics. Estimated only last 250-300 of Sumatran Tiger exist on 2008 and distributed in Aceh, Riau, Sumatera Barat, Jambi, and Sumatera Selatan. Sumatran Tiger is critically endangered on the World Conservation Union Red List of threatened species. This species needs our help to make our grandchild will be able to see this amazing "big cat" in the future rather than to imagining what Sumatran Tiger is like.

Merangin: Lake Pauh, a Quiet Inland Lake

Lake Pauh is actually a volcano lake, means the lake was formed from volcano activities. Situated in Jangkat Regency, an administrative area to Merangin Regency, western Jambi. The location is approximately 95 km westward Bangko, the capital of Merangin Regency and can be reached by vehicles. The road infrastructure to the lake is in very bad condition, considering prevailing weather is great for people who want to go there to avoid being trapped in muddy roads.

Culinary: Jambi Confectionary

You just have spent your vacation to Jambi and being confused with what gift you should buy for people you love at home. Considering to buy confectionary that Jambi (and Sumatera Selatan) typical is great idea for them. Jambi (and Sumatera Selatan) have many typical confectionary and culinary, from pempek, burgo, gandus, or snacks like onion chips, pineapple lunkhead and durian lunkhead that called lempo. If you take a few days trip going home, you better take dried and durable confectionary. But if your home trip is only less than a day or two, you can buy confectionary that spoiled fast like gandus and burgo. Jambi typical confectionary prices are relatively cheap and are easy to find, from street vendors and traditional markets to a modern hypermarket like Jamtos and Hypermart in Jambi City.