Tg. Jabung Timur: Berhala Island

And now, we will fly to the easternmost of Jambi Province, to visit and experience another side of Jambi, Island of Berhala. These unique island originally are groups of isle with coastal boulders, hills, white sand, cliffs, groves, and bushes. If you imagine it would be a great place for a romantic atmosphere, yes, there you go. But once again, you may find the trip to reach there is not as easy as starting a romantic dream. Berhala Island is 10 kilometers square small isle and have a few populations there. Presently, Jambi Province is claiming the isle as part of the province while the neighbor province, Province of Kepulauan Riau is doing the same. Both provinces have same reasons and arguments, history background. This dispute puts them trying to leave their mark at the isle, you will find that the isle have 2 docks which were built and being managed by two local governments. And population is also divided into two locals that represented to each province. Okay, let it be. :)

We assume City of Jambi would be our home base, then your first checkpoint is to reach Nipah Panjang, a little riverside town, capital of a sub-district in Tanjung Jabung Timur Regency. There are 2 options to travel the route, the first one, you may travel by vehicle to Suak Kandis and then from Suak Kandis to Nipah Panjang by boat. This first option would take about 1:30 hours (Jambi City to Suak Kandis) and next trip about 1:10 minutes more (Suak Kandis to Nipah Panjang). Even takes time much longer, this option will give you various scenery and panoramas. The second choice is to take boat from Jambi City directly to Nipah Panjang, it would be about 2:30 hours traveling the trip.

Nipah Panjang is situated in eastern of Tanjung Jabung Timur Regency and is the capital of sub-district of the regency with same name. Most population there are living from marine and plantation products. Even though Nipah Panjang is a town in Jambi but Buginese is dominant there. This little town faces sea lines to Malacca Straits and Java Sea which make this town have been rising to be a port town. From this town, we will take next boat to Berhala Island directly, that trip will take about 3 hours in a good clearly day to arrive at Berhala Island.

Berhala Island
Shortly before really arrive there
And now, we've just arrived at the island. The dock is not really giving us a great welcome, too dirty and nasty, contrast to what we may imagine for the tone. Once again, just let it be. After touch the dock, the first thing we should do is to make sure which one better for our shelter, to build a tent or to pay a lodge. When you are done with shelter stuff, then it is up to you. You can go hiking, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing or just sleeping.

Berhala Island
This one is great for swimming
Berhala Island
Or, snorkeling there
Berhala Island
Or, diving there
Berhala Island
Or, sunbathing there
Sunset in Berhala Island
Or, sleeping to catch moment like this one


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