Kerinci: Lake Gunung Tujuh, Amazing View From Highest Lake in Southeast Asia

Surrounded by seven mounts: Mount Hulu Tebo (2,525 m), Mount Hulu Sangir (2,330 m), Mount Madura Besi (2,418 m), Mount Lumut (2,350 m), Mount Selasih (2,230 m), Mount Jar Panggang (2.469 m), and Mount Tujuh (2.735 m) makes this young caldera lake as highest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. Situated in Kerinci Regency, precisely in Kayu Aro sub-district about 55 km from Sungai Penuh City, the lake is the most favorite place for mountaineers and hikers who are visiting Kerinci. What you will get is an amazing view of the lake, especially when sun is rising on dawn. For domestic visitors or other people from tropical or desert countries and not accustomed with mount weather, you better bring you thick sweaters or jackets because average temperature at the lake is about 17-18 Celsius degree with lake shrouded by mist on a few corners.

Even the lake is located in Jambi Province but since the roads infrastructure to Kerinci Regency from Jambi City were not good to pass through then people better to get Padang first before reaching Kerinci. Padang is the capital of Sumatera Barat Province, it takes about 6 hours to gateway of paths to the Lake Gunung Tujuh (and Mount Kerinci).

A clear view

A misty view


A sunrise

A snapshot from Mount Kerinci

Thick fog was creeping down


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